Landmark Education is an extraordinary company! http://landmarkinsights.com/2012/10/a-portal-to-the-domain-of-possibility/

Disrupt Aging

I just love this woman. She is changing the way we approach life! http://blog.aarp.org/2015/05/14/own-your-age-and-fight-back-against-ageism/?intcmp=HPBB1

Today’s Wisdom

Today’s Wisdom

“My Dad Teaches Kindergarten, His Students Came up With Some Guidelines for Healthy Living.”

Originally posted on Kindness Blog:
These clever little people offered some simple, solid advice here. Less Head-Banging! Milk! Dream! Make peace!  Kids really are smarter than adults sometimes. Bless them! ♥ Source ‘bnrshrnkr’ – Reddit. You can share…

Wisdom of the Day

Wisdom for the Day

It’s Your Choice ! !