Are You In? Kindness Is Free… – By Leigh McManus

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If we all practiced one act of kindness per day, imagine how much more magnificent the world could be. Each day, if we all did at least one thing for one another out…

Bags of Blessings (Feeding Hungry Children)

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Today We Bagged Over 5,000 lbs of Food for Children Living in Food Insecure Homes. This started in part because children would report to the free clinic on Mondays complaining of stomach cramps…

More Insight from Landmark Education

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Seeing Color

My wonderful niece makes good news with a special act of kindness.

Quote for the Day


Be Kind To Others

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One Father’s Act of Anonymous Kindness Left a Lasting Impression

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My dad took my brother, sister and I out for lunch at a local diner/ice cream shop. About three tables away was a very bedraggled mother with twin infants in carriers and two…

Care for the Caregiver

An interesting article from the Roanoke Times about the caregiver respite program at the Salem VA Medical Center and how this type of care will be needed in the future.

Be YOUR Best!

Uplifting Photo of the Day is of a Very Special Lady…

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Susannah Jones has just celebrated her 116th birthday! She is the last living American born in the 19th Century as well being the oldest Woman in the World. Susannah celebrated her 116th birthday…

Whilst Taking Photos He Spotted a Man Crying…

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So, I was up in the Phoenix Park today taking photos of the Bambi’s (deer) when I wandered into a bit of a mad scene, to say the least. The man in the…