Meet Naoto Matsumura, The Guardian of Fukushima’s Animals

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Naoto Matsumura is the only human who now lives in Fukushima’s 12.5-mile radiation exclusion zone in Japan. At first he fled the radation-riddle area, but he returned soon after to feed his animals.…

He’s Not Heavy, He’s My FRIEND. Chinese Student Carries a Classmate to Lessons for 3-Years

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Every day for the last 3 years, Xie Xu, 18, has been carrying his disabled classmate to school on his back. His friend suffers from muscular dystrophy, a disease that results in progressive…

And Let There Be Freedom

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Seniors Can Live in their Homes Longer

AARP Foundation helps people with home repair so they can stay in their homes longer.

Success and Wealth on Your Terms

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Something to Think About

Best Friends

National Volunteer Week DAY 7

National Volunteer Week DAY 6

National Volunteer Week DAY 5

“To the person going through our trash, please come in for a sandwich”

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Ashley Jiron, is the owner of P.B. Jams in Warr Acres in Oklahoma. She noticed someone had been looking through her bins for food and decided to post a lovely note on her…

National Volunteer Week DAY 3

National Volunteer Week DAY 2

National Volunteer Week DAY 1

Today’s Wisdom

World’s Oldest Woman Says The Key to Long Life is Kindness

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The world’s oldest person, 116-year-old Gertrude Weaver of Arkansas, believes the key to longevity is treating other people kindly. Weaver, born on July 4, 1898, lives at a senior care facility in Camden…

Birthday Blessings – by Jay Westrom

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I recently stopped at a convenience store for coffee and a breakfast sandwich. As I was walking in, I remembered it was March 17th and my deceased mother’s birthday, so I said a…

Would it be alright with you if life got easier?

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Make the Effort to Say Something Nie

Be You

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It’s easier to be yourself and let the right people like you, than try to be someone you’re not for the approval of others. “Be who you are, and say what you feel,…

My Godmother Inspires Self-Love And Compassion – by Elizabeth Wellington

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Linda, my godmother, has been a constant source of inspiration for me since my high school years. Through her grace and compassion, she showed me that each person has an inherent worth, regardless…

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