I’m Less Interested in Reality. I’m More Interested in Perception, the Truth of the Universe That We See – Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu — The Seeds 4 Life

It has been said perception drives reality, meaning our view of our world actually shapes our world, more so than the “reality” of it. I was reading a book the other night and in it, there was a reference to a study done with a tribe in Namibia. This tribe has no word for the…

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Your Spiritual Destiny with Money

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imageMeaning or Meaningless

Since, 1980, I have been following the work of Landmark Education. The concepts I have learned have changed my life and enabled me to become the person I always wanted to be. Check it out ….

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To Post or Repost??? 📌

imageWhen I started this blog, I thought I would post more and repost less but that has not been the case. Some of the blogs I follow have wonderful stories of good news and I thank all of you whose content I have shared.

My goal is to take more initiative, to create more, to share myself, and to inspire others.

Stay tuned ….

What’s important to You?

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How Purpose Changed My Life

Past vs. Future

Taking the Past out of the Future

Lessons Learned

Trying something new today. Linking to something I created with Sway. Let me know what you think. 

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Care for the Caregiver

An interesting article from the Roanoke Times about the caregiver respite program at the Salem VA Medical Center and how this type of care will be needed in the future.


Landmark Education is an extraordinary company!

Disrupt Aging

I just love this woman.

She is changing the way we approach life!

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Seniors Can Live in their Homes Longer

AARP Foundation helps people with home repair so they can stay in their homes longer.

Success and Wealth on Your Terms

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From Landmark Education, an extraordinary company!

FraudWatch NEWS

I know I said … only the good news but nowadays, not being scammed is good news! 👀

IRS Imposter Tax Scam: Are you next?

This is on my Bucket List


Spend the Day Learning

ss9Take the opportunity to stay home today and learn something new. I am working on my BLOG learning about tags and categories.

In Progress

I started this blog many months ago and then did absolutely nothing on it. The other day, got an email telling me I had a follower (my first) so I thought … perhaps I should give this new follower something to follow! So I am in the learning stage. Stay tuned. As soon as I figure out how to display my categories, I will start posting content.